Heating up and cooling down

Heating up

Furnace heating up crowns the building up of new or repaired melting aggregate. Together with cullet filling there are activities that bring the furnace to the operational stage. The quality of work is very important and has a great influence on the further furnace operation quality and sometimes on the lifetime too. BOHEMIA-HOTWORK (BHW) uses for heating up efficient high velocity hot-air gas burners and by the choice of the right funs is ensured the necessary overpressure in the furnace. The temperature control is practiced by special control damper. It makes possible to follow the prescribed heating up curve with very high accuracy 2-3°C.

For the furnace heating up we use the most modern measurement equipment with values registration on PC. All the measuring data °C temperature (°C), overpressure in the furnace (Pa) and main crowns and regenerator crowns lifting up are the property of customer.

Our skilled workers are ready to check the refractory expansion and execute the furnace anchoring during the heating up process.


Cooling down

We execute this process by the help of the burners set using for the heating up. We follow the prescribed curve. This is a process of the furnace control cooling down on the requested temperature. This is used for the furnaces that will be after particular repair heated up again and put to the operation. For the cooling down as well as for heating up we execute the control anchoring.


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Glass furnace tapping with regulation

The furnace molten glass tapping is the procedure to that it is necessary to pay a special attention and ever one is necessary to prepare very well. Ever process must be discussed with the customers and must be specified all the technical details and prepared the right tapping proposal.

Molten glass tapping method:

Molten glass is running out to the fireclay channel through the drilled hole which is placed very tightly over the furnace bottom. Glass continues to the transport tube and further is drift by the stream of the pressured water. Water consumption is 60-80 m3/h. The transported tube drains away the molten glass to the place of the next treatment. This place depends on the decision of the customer:

  • free place + wheel loader
  • temporary basin
  • transported container
  • lorry
  • railway wagon
  • customer's granulator
  • BHW mobile granulator

We recommend using of our granulating device because it saves a lot of transport water using closed water circuit with pumps.


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Refractory precise holes drilling


For the fulfilling of our customers technology request BHW also supplies the different holes drilling (diameter 10-250 mm) during the full furnace operation for the installation or for the replacement of thermocouples, bubbling jets, electrode holders, coolers , bottom corrosion checking etc. For this purpose we use the electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic drilling machine depends on the requirement.

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Regenerators cleaning

During the regenerative glass furnaces operation occurrs the sulphate condensation on the checkers. 


The blocked checkers inhibit the regular air streaming and so that the air preheating does not reach the right temperature and the fuel consumption is higher and the furnace economy is worse. BHW supplies the regenerators cleaning by the way of the sediments melting. This is provided by heating up burners with a special changeable adapter. Burners are placed under checkers on the regenerator bottom.

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Electrode holders replacing

Our team is ready to carry out the electrode holder replacing in fully furnace operation. We have a rich experience with this replacement from the sides as well as from the furnace bottom with the electrodes of diameter up to 60 mm.


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