About company

BOHEMIA-HOTWORK s r.o. was established on the private capital base in 1996.

The specialized personnel has rich and long time experience with industrial furnace hot work service especially in glass industry since year 1985.

In addition to the service for the glass industry, we also have experience in drying lining foundries, fluid boilers and other industrial boilers.

Regular customers include a number of major domestic and foreign glass manufacturers.

We are supplying the next service:

heating up and cooling down
furnace hot cullet filling
glass tapping
regenerators cleaning
electrode holders replacing
bubbling jets and thermocouples replacing during full furnace operation
refractory precise drilling

We have very good experience with the other furnaces drying and heating e.g. kilns for the steel or iron production incl. the fluid boilers etc.
Our customers are very important glass producers domestic and from abroad.

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